DESA News Vol. 13, No. 05 May 2009



United Nations Forum on Forests

8th session, New York, 20 April-1 May

Workshop on Manufacturing Statistics for African Countries

Lusaka, Zambia, 4-7 May

Commission on Sustainable Development

17th session, New York, 4-15 May

Expert Group Meeting on the Rights of Older Persons

Bonn, Germany, 5-7 May

World Civic Forum 2009

Seoul, 5-8 May

United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN)

25th session, Nairobi, 5-12 May

Expert Group Meeting on National Accounts

Cairo, Egypt, 12-14 May

Conference on Sustainable Urbanization in the Information Age

New York, 13 May

Internet Governance Forum

Open Consultations, Multistakeholder Advisory Group, Geneva, 13-15 May

Economic and Social Council

Resumed organizational session for 2009, New York, 18-19 May

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations

Resumed regular session for 2009, New York, 18-27 May

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

8th session, New York, 18-29 May

Fourth Facilitation Meeting on Implementing WSIS Outcomes

Geneva, 20 May

Expert Group Meeting on Government and Public Private Partnerships

Geneva, 21-22 May

Mobile Technology, Convergence and Social Networking Tools for Development and Poverty Alleviation

Multistakeholder Panels during the 12th session of CSTD, Geneva, 26 May

Seminar on Timeliness, Methodology and Comparability of Rapid Estimates of Economic Trends

Ottawa, Canada, 27-29 May


World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development

United Nations Conference, New York, 1-4 June


International Day of Families

15 May

The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to the family as the basic unit of society as well as to promote appropriate action to recognize and promote the importance of families. The day can become a mobilizing factor on behalf of families in all countries to avail themselves of this opportunity and to demonstrate support of family issues appropriate to each society. The 2009 observance of the International Day of Families also offers a valuable opportunity for families to demonstrate their solidarity in the quest for better standards of life. The theme for this year is mothers and families: challenges in a changing world.

The day will be observed at United Nations Headquarters on Thursday, 14 May in the form of a panel discussion in Conference Room 3 at 1:15 pm. The meeting is organized by DESA’s Division for Social Policy and Development, in cooperation with the New York NGO Committee on the Family.

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