DESA News Vol. 13, No. 03 March 2009

Technical cooperation

Local governance and service delivery in the East Africa Community

Leadership capacity building workshop in Kampala from 5-6 March will harmonize decentralization policies and strategies for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

The progress towards achieving the MDGs is mixed with progress not on track in many countries. In sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, numerous countries are facing daunting challenges to achieve national, regional and internationally agreed goals, including the MDGs. To tackle these challenges, governments are adopting strategies aimed, among other priorities, at fighting poverty and malnutrition, ensuring social equity, minimizing destructive conflict and making a sustainable use of the environment by adopting new technologies to reduce climate change and better adapt to its negative consequences. All the above strategies are aimed at attaining better living standards of the population particularly the poor and disenfranchised.

The workshop will give an opportunity to East Africa Community (EAC) countries to exchange experiences and share best practices with respect to decentralized governance as well as policies and strategies for the achievement of the MDGs. The key objective of these exchanges will be the identification of strategies aimed at harmonizing local governance policies and actions to improve the delivery of public services. The exchange of knowledge, information and experiences, also analyzing good practices identified and proposed by DESA, will contribute to the enhancement of leadership capacities of the participants.

The event will be organized by DESA’s division for Public Administration and Development Management in collaboration with the Government of Uganda and the United Nations Development Programme. It will bring together EAC ministers in charge of local governance, senior public servants, chairpersons and executive secretaries of local government associations, women leaders in local governments, as well as representatives from international organizations including representatives from the United Nations system.

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