DESA News Vol. 13, No. 03 March 2009



Commission on the Status of Women

53rd session, New York, 2-13 March

Local Governance and Service Delivery in the East Africa Community

Leadership capacity building workshop, Kampala, 5-6 March

Board of the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament

3rd high-level meeting, Geneva, 6 March

Committee for Development Policy

11th session, New York, 9-13 March

International Merchandise Trade Statistics and Statistics of International Trade in Services

Meeting of the task forces, Bangkok, 10-12 March

UNFF Consultations on Forest Finance

Rome, 12-13 March

Economic and Social Council

Regional preparatory meeting for the ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 16-18 March

The IX Infopoverty World Conference

New York, 18-20 March

Commission on Population and Development

42nd session, New York, 30 March-3 April

Committee of Experts on Public Administration

8th session, New York, 30 March-3 April

Economic and Social Council

Global Preparatory Meeting for the 2009 Annual Ministerial Review

New York, 31 March


United Nations Forum on Forests

8th session, New York, 20 April-1 May

Special High-level Meeting of the Economic and Social Council with the Bretton Woods Institutions, the World Trade Organization and UNCTAD

New York, 27 April

Economic and Social Council

2009 organizational session (resumed), New York, 29-30 April


International Women’s Day

8 March

The theme of the International Women’s Day 2009, celebrated on 8 March, will be “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls”. Violence against women and girls is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives of equality, development and peace and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of their rights and fundamental freedoms.

In adopting its resolution on the observance of Women's Day, the General Assembly wanted to recognize the fact that securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality and development of women. At the same time, the world body acknowledged the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security.

For the women of the world, the day's symbolism has a wider meaning. It is an occasion to review how far they have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development. It is also an opportunity to unite, network and mobilize for meaningful change.

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World Water Day

22 March

World Water Day 2009 will be celebrated on 22 March. This year’s theme will be "Shared Water - Shared Opportunities". Special focus will be placed on transboundary waters. Nurturing the opportunities for cooperation in transboundary water management can help build mutual respect, understanding and trust among countries and promote peace, security and sustainable economic growth. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) leads the activities of the World Water Day 2009 with the support of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The General Assembly declared 22 March as World Day for Water in 1992 to promote awareness of the extent to which water resource development contributes to economic productivity and social well-being.

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