DESA News Vol. 12, No. 09 September 2008



Informal consultations on the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development

New York, 8-10 September

UNCRD Regional Workshop on School Earthquake Safety in the Pacific

Suva, 9-10 September

Expert Group Meeting on the Scope and Content of Social Statistics

New York, 9-12 September

Workshop for Developing Countries on the Revision of the International Recommendations for International Merchandise Trade Statistics

Bangkok, 9-12 September

Launch of the Millennium Development Goals Report 2008

New York, 11 September

Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities

12th session, Tunis, 11-12 September

Workshop on Kyrgyz National Policy on Ageing

Bishkek, 15-19 September

DESA-ESCAP Regional Workshop on Census Data Processing

Bangkok, 15-19 September

Consultations of the Internet Governance Forum

Geneva, 16-18 September

General Assembly

63rd session, New York, 16 September-December

UNCRD Regional Workshop on School Earthquake Safety in Central Asia

Tashkent, 18-19 September

Expert Group Meeting on International Migration and Development in Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok, 20-21 September

UNCRD Training Workshop on Human Security and Regional Development for the Metropolitan Region of Guatemala

Guatemala City, 23-26 September


General Assembly

63rd session, New York

DESA-UNDP Expert Group Meeting on the Reconstruction of Governance and Public Administration after Conflict

Accra, 2-4 October

Expert Group Meeting on Equal Sharing of Responsibilities between Men and Women

Geneva, 6-9 October

Workshop on Statistics of International Trade in Services

Kiev, 7-9 October

UNCRD Workshop on Construction of Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Banda Ache, 13-16 October

Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters

4th session, Geneva, 20-24 October