DESA News Vol. 12, No. 06 June 2008

Comings and goings


The following staff members were promoted in May:

Mr. Mounirou Djobo, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division

Ms. Cynthia Gale, Personnel Assistant, Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women

Ms. Maria Martinho, Statistician, Statistics Division

Mr. Adil Khan

Mr. Adil Khan retired from the United Nations on 31 May following a distinguished career in policy analysis and development cooperation of more than thirty years. Mr. Khan brought a broad range of expertise to the organization in such areas as pro-poor development, participatory governance, social charters, microcredit, and state capacity-building.

As head of the Socio-economic Governance and Management Branch in DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development from 2002 to 2008, Mr. Khan oversaw a diverse programme of research on development issues encompassing international conferences, expert consultations, workshops, networking, publications, support to negotiations, monitoring and evaluation. DESA’s operational activities in socio-economic governance were also part of his portfolio, and were informed, inter alia, by previous field experience with UNDP in Sri Lanka and Myanmar from 1997-2002.

Before joining the United Nations, Mr. Khan held various research and managerial positions in the public and private sectors, including ten years as director of monitoring and evaluation in the Ministry of Planning of the Government of Bangladesh. He has taught and written extensively on economic development, poverty alleviation, and governance, and holds a Ph.D. in political economy from Western Pacific University in Los Angeles.

The following staff member also retired in May:

Mr. Simon Cunningham, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Development Policy and Analysis Division