DESA News Vol. 12, No. 01 January 2008

Comings and goings


The following staff members were promoted in December:

Mr. Patrick Gerland, Population Affairs Officer, Population Division

Ms. Sabine Henning, Population Affairs Officer, Population Division

Ms. Joliet Jean, Staff Assistant, Division for Public Administration and Development Management

Ms. Weihua Ju, Statistics Assistant, Statistics Division

Ms. Sylvie Pailler-Marshall, Research Assistant, Division for Social Policy and Development


Mr. Shabbir Cheema Mr. Shabbir Cheema retired on 31 December after twenty-seven years of dedicated service to the United Nations, most recently as Coordinator of the Global Forum on Reinventing Government in DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management. Prior to joining DESA, Mr. Cheema spent many years at UNDP where he directed the Management Development and Development Division, and prepared a number of early policy papers on governance, human rights, and urban management. Mr. Cheema will move to Hawaii to head the politics, governance and security program of the East-West Center, an education and research organization established by the Government of the United States to strengthen relations among peoples of the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Pekka PatosaariMr. Pekka Patosaari retired from the UN on 31 December following a distinguished career in international forestry of more than two decades. Mr. Patosaari joined DESA as Coordinator and Head of the Secretariat of the UN Forum on Forests in 2002. A forester and educator by training, Mr. Patosaari spent most of his career with the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Helsinki rising to become Director of State Forestry and Forestry Research and Deputy to the Director General. He has also worked for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London with a portfolio of forestry and environmental issues, and has been involved in Finland’s international cooperation programs, particularly in China.

The following staff members also retired in December:

Mr. Alejandro Carpio, Statistics Assistant, Division for Sustainable Development

Mr. Serekeberhan Zerai, Chief of Energy Statistics Section, Statistics Division