DESA News Vol. 11, No. 10 October 2007


Unlocking development through finance Unlocking development through finance

The Monterrey Consensus is the flagship of international development cooperation. Through this agreement, countries committed in 2002 to join forces to unleash financial resources and achieve the economic conditions needed to reach internationally agreed development goals. Five years on, the Monterrey picture shows lights and shadows.

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Bridging religions and cultures A bridge between religions and cultures

A path-breaking event devoted to the promotion of inter-religious and intercultural understanding and cooperation for peace will be held on 4 and 5 October, at the General Assembly. The event represents the culmination of numerous processes related to this theme at the United Nations, including the 2005 Conference on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace held at UN Headquarters, the Tripartite Forum on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace and the Alliance of Civilizations.

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Voting for human rights: A step forward for indigenous peoples Vote for indigenous peoples: Landmark declaration adopted

On 13 September, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. A non-binding text, the Declaration sets out individual and collective rights to culture, identity, language, employment, health, education, and other issues.


Publications and websites

Demographic Yearbook 2004

Demographic Yearbook 2004

The 2004 edition of the Demographic Yearbook includes statistics on population size and composition, fertility, mortality, infant and foetal mortality, marriages and divorces. It also includes a detailed set of technical notes explaining the origin, availability, timeliness, quality, reliability and coverage of the data presented.

National Accounts Statistics 2005: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables

National Accounts Statistics 2005: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables

This title contains detailed national accounts statistics in national currencies of 178 countries or areas from 1994 to 2005. The National Accounts tables are a valuable source of information on the economies of the world, covering aggregates such as gross domestic product, national income, saving, household and government consumption expenditure including detailed consumption classes of products, gross capital formation, exports and imports, value added by economic activities and relations among product, income, final consumption, saving, gross capital formation and net lending.


Comings and goings


Ms. JoAnne DiSanoMs. JoAnne DiSano, Director of the Division for Sustainable Development, retired on 16 September after nine years of dedicated service to the Organization. In addition to overseeing support to the Commission on Sustainable Development, Ms. DiSano was in charge of the Secretariat of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development which brought together 100 Heads of State and 25,000 participants, culminating in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.



General Assembly

62nd session, New York, 18 September-December

International Children’s Art Exhibit

New York, 8-19 October

Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters

3rd session, Geneva, 29 October-2 November