DESA News Vol. 11, No. 8 August 2007



Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

39th session, New York, 23 July-10 August

Seminar on Data Dissemination: Emerging Trends and Issues

Kuala Lumpur, 1-3 August

DESA/UNFPA Inter-Regional Workshop on the Production of Gender Statistics

New Delhi, 6-10 August

United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names

24th session, New York, 20 and 31 August

9th United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names

New York, 21-30 August

DESA/IAEA/SADC Secretariat Workshop on energy statistics and energy indicators for sustainable development in the SADC Countries

Port Louis, 21-24 August

DESA/Government of Khabarovsk/Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North and the Far East/Public Chamber of Russian Federation Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Peoples and Protection of the Environment

Khabarovsk, 27-29 August


DESA/IFAD Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on Tax Aspects of Domestic Resource Mobilization: A Discussion of Enduring and Emerging Issues

Rome, 4-5 September

DESA/UNESCO/UN-HABITAT Expert Group Meeting on Creating an Inclusive Society: Practical Strategies to Promote Social Integration

Paris, 10–13 September

General Assembly

62nd session

New York, opening on 18 September

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development

New York, 19 September


International Day of the World's Indigenous People

9 August

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People will be celebrated around the world on 9 August. At United Nations Headquarters, core issues and concerns of indigenous peoples will take centre stage in day-long events in New York. Along with a sacred pipe ceremony, the programme will include messages by the Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and Coordinator of the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People, Sha Zukang, and the Chairperson of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz. A panel discussion will follow at the Dag Hammarskjold Library Auditorium in the afternoon on honoring indigenous youth, languages and sacred sites. The New York programme has been organized by the Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and the NGO Committee on the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

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International Youth Day

12 August

International Youth Day gives the world an opportunity to recognize the potential of youth, to celebrate their achievements, and plan for ways to better engage young people to successfully take action for development. It presents a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to rally together to ensure that young people are included in global, national and local affairs and decision-making. The Division for Social Policy and Development will be organizing various activities a UN Headquarters in New York to celebrate on 10 August.

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