DESA News Vol. 11, No. 6 June 2007


Trust in government Trust in government

As governments have seen people’s trust slip worldwide over the last decades, it has become apparent that the rulers and the ruled do not always speak the same language. Despite efforts to foster the social contract between the two, enhancing public confidence in political processes and the institutions of government is still a pressing concern.

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Mr. José Ocampo Deepening the intellectual foundations of economic and social affairs

Mr. José Antonio Ocampo leaves the helm of DESA at the end of June after almost four years of service. When Mr. Ocampo arrived in September 2003 to head the department, he brought with him years of experience as a scholar, Minister of Finance, Planning and Agriculture, and Executive Secretary of ECLAC. Among his main aspirations was to recover the department’s former capacity to lead the intellectual debate in economic and social issues.

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Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz World leaders urged to adopt treaty on indigenous rights

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Chairperson of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and Wilton Littlechild, Member of the Permanent Forum, brief members of the press on 24 May on the outcome of the Forum’s latest session held in New York.


Publications and websites

World Economic and Social Survey 2007 – forthcoming

World Economic and Social Survey 2007

Greater longevity is an indicator of human progress in general. At the same time, increased life expectancy and lower fertility rates are changing the population structure worldwide: the proportion of older persons is rapidly increasing, a process known as population ageing. The process is inevitable and is already advanced in developed countries and progressing rapidly in developing ones.

World Economic Situation and Prospects – 2007 Mid-Year Update

World Economic Situation and Prospects – 2007 Mid-Year Update

The mid-year update of the 2007 World Economic Situation and Prospects warns that an abrupt unwinding of the large global imbalances could significantly destabilize the global financial markets and depress world economic growth.


Comings and goings


Mr. Patricio CiviliMr. Patrizio Civili Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs, retires on 30 June following a distinguished career spanning some thirty-eight years in the United Nations, devoted largely to shaping institutional policies and forging consensus at the inter-agency and inter-governmental levels. Building consensus, promoting dialogue and engagement towards positive change is, Mr. Civili says, “my thing.”



UNU/DESA Conference on Fragile States and Fragile Groups

Helsinki, 15-16 June

Informal Thematic Debate on Financing Development to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals

Doha, 17-18 June

Launch of the World Economic and Social Survey 2007

New York, 19 June

7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government

Vienna, 26-29 June