DESA News Vol. 11, No. 5 May 2007



Commission on Sustainable Development

15th session, New York, 30 April-11 May

DESA/UNDP/Government of Brazil Regional Forum on Reinventing Government in Latin America

Brasilia, 2-4 May

DESA/Office of the President of the General Assembly Innovation Fair on NGO Contribution to the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals

New York, 2 May

Capacity Building to Integrate Older Persons in Development Goals and Frameworks

Dakar and Saly, 2-12 May

DESA/ECE Expert Group Meeting on Financing for innovative development

Geneva, 3-4 May

DESA/UNDP/CARICAD/Government of Barbados Regional Forum on Reinventing Government in the Caribbean

Bridgetown, 7-8 May

DESA/Andean Community/ECLAC Regional Workshop on Country Practices in Compilation of International Merchandise Trade Statistics

Lima, 7-11 May

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

38th session, New York, 14 May-1 June

Expert Group Meeting on the World Economy

Beijing, 14-17 May

Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations

Resumed session of 2007, New York, 14-18 May

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

6th session, New York, 14-25 May

DESA/Government of Italy Regional Forum on Reinventing Government in Western Europe

Rome, 21 May

World Summit on the Information Society Implementation Follow-up Events

Geneva, 23-24 May

Expert Group Meeting on Contemporary Practices in Census Mapping and Use of Geographical Information Systems

New York, 29 May-1 June

Expert Group Meeting on Goals and Targets for Youth Development

New York, 30-31 May


DESA/UNU Conference on Fragile States, Fragile Groups: Tackling Economic and Social Vulnerability

Helsinki, 15-16 June

7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government

Vienna, 26-29 June


International Day of Families

15 May

This year, the International Day of Families will be marked with a midday event at UN Headquarters on the theme of families and persons with disabilities. The theme coincides with the recent adoption by the General Assembly of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in December 2006 and the opening for signature of the Convention recently on 30 March. The purpose is to emphasize the rights of persons with disabilities, the role of family in the empowerment of persons with disabilities, and the need for support to families with family members with disabilities.

World Information Society Day

17 May

World Information Society Day is celebrated each year to enhance public awareness of the role played by telecommunications in the social welfare and the socio-economic development of countries. This year, events in New York will include activities held throughout New York City, some of which are ceremonial and others practical. The Day presents an opportunity to tell a tale of two worlds. While there has been plenty to marvel at with the advent of technology, more than three billion people have not had the experience of making a telephone call in their lives.