DESA News Vol. 11, No. 2 February 2007

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Technical reports

International Finance and Development

This title offers a comprehensive survey of the major financing issues influencing economic development since the historic Monterrey Consensus of the International Conference on Financing for Development in 2002. Edited by José Antonio Ocampo, Jan Kregel and Stephany Griffith-Jones, it argues that most recent international private capital flows have been unlikely to significantly enhance new productive investments in the developing countries. In consequence, it considers it is necessary to design appropriate mechanisms to ensure they contribute to development. Recent trends in official development financing offer, regardless, some grounds for optimism, although much more needs to be done.

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Participatory Dialogue: Towards a Stable, Safe and Just Society for All

To be launched on 13 February

What makes some societies more resilient and others more vulnerable to social tensions? This publication explores the elements that lead to one or another situation, reviews global trends influencing social integration dynamics, and identifies lines of action. The report focuses on participatory dialogue, a mechanism of action intended to create a more inclusive society. A society for all is defined as one in which people play an active role in peace and development; where they engage in processes guided by the principle of unity within diversity.

This title, which includes an overview of social integration and related concepts, builds largely on background papers and recommendations adopted at the expert group meeting entitled “Dialogue in the Social Integration Process: Building Peaceful Social Relations – by, for and with People” which took place in New York, from 21 to 23 November 2005. The publication also provides examples of tools and practices from around the world so that it incorporates a practical approach to conceptual explorations.

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Flat World, Big Gaps: Economic Liberalization, Globalization Poverty and Inequality

Edited by Jomo K.S. with Jacques Baudot, this book critically considers the impact of economic liberalization and globalization on inequality and poverty. The first half surveys the major analytical issues in the recent study of global inequalities. The second half of the volume surveys recent inequality trends in various parts of the world including the OECD, the USA, Eastern Europe and the CIS economies, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, India, East Asia and China.

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Policy Matters

This publication advances the analytical debate in elaborating relevant economic and social policies to achieve more sustainable and equitable development in our times. It holds that policy matters in a context in which trade liberalization may well have worsened unemployment, working conditions and undermined existing productive capacities and reducing the policy space for developing better and competitive new economic capacities.

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Meeting records

Full and Productive Employment and Decent Work

This title is a compilation of statements, issues papers and summaries of high-level roundtable dialogues that took place during the substantive session of the Economic and Social Council in July 2006. The theme of the dialogue was the creation of an environment at the national and international levels conducive to generating full and productive employment and decent work for all, and its impact on sustainable development. The publication is intended as a resource for policy-makers and scholars, while also explaining to a public audience the place of employment within the broader global development agenda.

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Statistical compilations

National Accounts Statistics 2005: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables, parts I, II and III (PDF version)

This is the PDF version of the forty-seventh issue of National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables showing detailed national accounts estimates for 178 countries and areas for the reporting years 1994 to 2005. The national data for each country and area are presented in separate chapters using uniform table headings and classifications recommended in the United Nations System of National Accounts. A summary of the conceptual framework of the SNA and definitions of important terms are also included in this publication. Other statistical information covered includes gross domestic product, national income, savings, private and government consumption, and transactions of institutional sectors.

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Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles 2004 (PDF Version)

The PDF version of the Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles 2004 is the thirteenth issue in an internationally series of comparable energy data for selected developing countries, including balances and electricity profiles for 72 and 95 countries respectively. The data are arranged to show energy production, trade, conversion and consumption for each fuel used in the country.

This publication is a source of overall consumption statistics of energy commodities in all sectors. Special electricity profiles for an additional group of countries are published to cover, exclusively, detailed information on production, trade and consumption of electricity, net installed capacity and thermal power plant input for selected developing countries.

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Monthly Bulletin of Statistics and MBS Online

MBS presents current economic and social statistics for more than 200 countries and territories of the world. It contains over 50 tables of monthly and/or annual and quarterly data on a variety of subjects illustrating important economic long-term trends and developments, including population, prices, employment and earnings, energy, manufacturing, transport, construction, international merchandise trade and finance. A subscription to the printed version of MBS includes access to the MBS Online. The latest issue is Volume LX, December 2006.

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Evolution of National Statistical Systems

Seminar site and forum for the exchange of information on innovative approaches to meet the managerial challenges of national statistical systems.

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