DESA News Vol. 10, No. 6 November-December 2006

Technical cooperation

Global Initiatives

Inauguration of the Global Centre for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament

Rome, 17 November

José Antonio Ocampo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, and Mr. Pier Ferdinando Casini, President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, will inaugurate the office of the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament in Rome. The Global Centre was launched by DESA and the Inter-Parliamentary Union at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis in November 2005.

The overall objective of the initiative is to promote the use of ICT to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of parliamentary work at both the institutional and organizational levels and thus strengthen the role of parliaments as institutions that promote democracy and good governance. The Global Centre acts as a clearinghouse for disseminating information and sharing experiences, and provides a global platform for promoting collaboration and linking the broadest possible number of initiatives in this area.

Contact: Division for Public Administration and Development Management: Mr. Guido Bertucci, +1 212/963-5761, or Ms. Daniela Giacomelli, +39 06/6813 6320, ext.104

Africa South of the Sahara

Principles and recommendations for the 2010 World Programme on Population and Housing Censuses

Workshop, Maputo, 30 October-2 November

Bamako, 6-9 November

The Statistics Division is planning two back-to-back workshops on the Implementation of the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses, Revision 2 for English speaking African countries in Maputo, Mozambique, 30 October-2 November and for French-speaking African countries in Bamako, Mali, 6-9 November.

These workshops are designed to reach three major goals: (a) Introduce the revised set of principles and recommendations, including the recommended tabulations as a new international standard; (b) Provide an opportunity for participants to discuss these standards and to assess their feasibility and implementation in national census practices, and (c) Through national reports prepared for these workshops, produce a list of the most pressing issues that national authorities are facing in preparing and conducting population and housing censuses.

This list, in turn, will allow UNSD the planning of future inter-regional, regional and sub-regional activities as part of the implementation of the 2010 World Programme on Population and Housing Censuses.

Contact: Mr. Srdjan Mrkic, Statistics Division, +1 212/963 4940

Statistical organization and management in the Southern African Development Community region

Training workshop, Luanda, 2-7 December

This training workshop is organized within the framework of the project on Strengthening Statistical Capacity in support of progress towards the internationally agreed development goals in the Southern African Development Community region.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for active sharing of experience and training in the areas of Leadership and Management, Staffing, Statistical Legislation and Positioning of National Statistical Offices in Government, as agreed during the discussions at the first steering committee meeting of the abovementioned project.

Contact: Ms.Fabia Yazaki, Statistics Division, +1 212/963 4823

How can the performance of water utilities in Africa be improved?

Capacity-building workshop, Nairobi, 6-8 December

A total of 100 participants will attempt to respond this question in a capacity-building workshop representing water utilities, private sector, local governments, international organizations and African regional networks. The following four interlinked themes will articulate the workshop: (i) Managing water and sanitation services in the urban areas; (ii) Strengthening institutional governance and accountability; (iii) Financing water and sanitation services; and (iv) Promoting partnerships among water operators.

The workshop, which will serve as a forum for sharing knowledge gained in improving the governance of public water utilities, is organized by the Division for Sustainable Development in partnership with UN-Habitat. The main objective is to strengthen the capacities of water utilities of the region in meeting the dual challenge of service expansion and efficient delivery of services.

Contact: Mr. Aslam Chaudhry, Division for Sustainable Development, +1 212/963-8558

Reinventing Government in Africa: building trust

Regional forum, Addis Ababa, 11-13 December

The Division for Public Administration and Development Management is organizing, in collaboration with UNDP, the Africa Governance Institute and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, a regional forum on reinventing government in Africa on the theme of building trust in government.

Aside from providing a regional perspective on the theme of the 7th Global Forum, scheduled to take place in Vienna, Austria in June 2007, the regional forum aims at soliciting the views of participants on measures for renewing and strengthening citizen faith in public authority.

The forum will be attended primarily by Ministers and high-level government officials, particularly from ministries and departments responsible for public service and local government; by officials from national assemblies in Africa; and by representatives from international organizations, including the UN system, the academia and African regional institutes.

Contact: Mr. John-Mary Kauzya, Division for Public Administration and Development Management, + 1 212/963-1973

Arab States

e-HR management project

Start-up meeting, Rabat, 11 December

The Government of Morocco has envisaged and defined a significant e-Government national programme for 2005-2008 (IDARATI) with the purpose of enhancing and accelerating the process of modernizing the country. The programme centrepiece will be the ability to effectively manage the career of all civil servants in the Government of Morocco.

The Division for Public Administration and Development Management, using resources from the Italian Trust Fund, will assist the Government of Morocco to develop an integrated personnel and financial management system that is made available to all ministries. The official Start-up Meeting will take place on 11 December in Rabat, attended by the relevant Government officials, the chosen vendor and representatives from DPADM and UNDP.

Contact: Mr. Richard Kerby,.Division for Public Administration and Development Management, +1 917/367-4332

Asia and the Pacific

Compilation of international merchandise trade statistics

Workshop, Bangkok, 12-15 December

An international workshop will review the country practices in compilation of international merchandise trade statistics in the regions of South and South-East Asia. This review will be guided by the country replies to the questionnaire on the National Compilation and Dissemination Practices, which was sent out in July 2006.

The questionnaire deals with a broad range of issues starting from institutional arrangements to reporting practices. In addition, current concepts, definitions and recommendations of IMTS, Rev.2 will be reviewed and discussed in light of the revisions of SNA93, BPM5, the Manual on SITS, the Kyoto convention and relevant economic classifications. Issues which will be covered are – among others - the boundary between goods and services, goods for processing abroad, and linkages between trade and business statistics.

Contact: Mr. Matthias Reister, Statistics Division, +1 917/367 7098

Improving skills in reforming public administration

Workshop, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, 14-16 November

The Division for Public Administration and Development Management is organizing a workshop on enhancing knowledge and skills in reforming public administration to an engaging and performing civil service in a challenging world. This workshop is being organized in partnership with the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration and in conjunction with EROPA's seminar on modernizing the civil service in alignment with national development goals.

Experts and practitioners in the areas of civil service reform and public enterprise management have been invited to share their expertise and experiences on innovative policies and civil service reforms that lead to the engagement of citizens in the implementation of development goals.

Contact: Mr. Jacinto De Vera, Division for Public Administration and Development Management, +1 212/963-0525

National sustainable development strategy of the Republic of Korea

Technical meeting, Seoul, December

The Government of the Republic of Korea and the Division for Sustainable Development are working together on the review process of this national strategy, which involves a technical meeting in December and subsequent review workshop in March 2007, focusing on knowledge sharing, in-depth discussion and development of recommendations by selected countries from the Asia and Pacific Region, concerning key aspects of national sustainable development strategy development, content, implementation and monitoring.

Contact: Ms. Birgitte Alvarez-Rivero, Division for Sustainable Development, +1 212/963-8400

Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States

The use of administrative data in economic statistics

Regional workshop, Moscow, 30 October–1 November

A regional workshop in Moscow will shed light on the use of administrative records for updating statistical business registers and compiling basic economic statistics, creating effective inter-agency cooperation and ensuring necessary legal preconditions for national statistical offices to have access to such records.

The Statistics Division is holding the event, jointly with the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation.

Contact: Mr. Vladimir Markhonko, Statistics Division, + 1 212/963-5252