National sustainable development strategies

National strategies for sustainable development, as called for by Agenda 21 as well as the World Summit for Sustainable Development and the Commission on Sustainable Development, seek to build upon and harmonize the various economic, social and environmental policies and plans that are operating in the country.

Governments have identified the integration of climate change in such national strategies and plans as an important goal. This involves coordination and integration of relevant policies and actions in multiple sectors, as well as adequate monitoring and review mechanisms, with the participation of government actors, civil society and the private sector. DESA assists countries in these efforts, at their request, through technical guidance and capacity-building activities, workshops, shared learning and strategy reviews.


National strategies

Below are links to national sustainable development strategies that address climate change concerns, from countries with which DESA has been engaged through its various focus areas. These links are only included for the sake of example, and are not meant to be representative or exhaustive.