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ICT Village project in Madagascar

Dominican Republic

Memorias COPDES 2005 (Spanish)

Events Calendar

23 July 2007 Presentation of the Report of the Secretary General on the work of the United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development (E/2007/61) at the substantive session of the Economic and Social Council in Geneva [General Segment Item 13 (a) Sustainable Development].
2 May 2007 Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) Innovation Fair involving the NGO contribution to the achievement of the MDGs, United Nations, New York. Presentation by the Permanent Representative of Madagascar to the UN on the promotion of partnerships by the NGO community in Madagascar.
6 March 2007 Meeting on the implementation of the African Millennium Village (AMV) attended by the Permanent Representatives of the Republic of Korea and Madagascar, representatives of the Earth Institute, Columbia University and representatives of OESC/DESA
5 March 2007 Angola delegation meets with OESC/DESA to discuss on the UNPPA and Angola's interest in becoming ECOSOC's pilot country.
1st Dec 2006 NGO Office (OESC/DESA) briefed the NGO/civil society organizations on the resolution "Strengthening of the Economic and Social Council" as well as the ECOSOC initiative on the "UN Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development".
21 Nov 2006 Mr. Dennis Ripley, Senior Vice President for Programmes and Dr. Makonen Getu, Director for Strategic Alliances of the Opportunity International, Illinois, USA, had a brief meeting with Ambassador Francis Lorenzo on the area of microfinance and also regarding organizing a meeting in Dominican Republic about microfinance.
21 Nov 2006 Mr. Dennis Ripley, Senior Vice President for Programmes and Dr. Makonen Getu, Director for Strategic Alliances of the Opportunity International, Illinois, USA, had a meeting with Ambassador Zina Andrianarivelo-Razafy regarding establishing microfinance projects in Madagascar.
13 Nov 2006 Meeting between Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic and Chief, NGO Office/OESC/DESA to enhance cooperation particularly with potential NGO/civil society organizations/private sector.
27 Oct 2006

Meeting between the Permanent Representative of Madagascar to the UN and the Executive Coordinator, Secretariat of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development, for collaboration in Madagascar in the development of the ICT Village.

26 Oct 2006

Meeting on potential areas for cooperation by the Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund in the Dominican Republic.

3 Oct 2006 "One Heart Beat- In Support of Millennium Development Goals", a global project supporting a global purpose, organized by the Permanent Mission of Dominican Republic to the UN, NGO office of DESA/OESC and BIDGIVE.
12 Sep 2006 Meeting on cooperation possibilities with Global Compact, organized by US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Permanent Mission of Dominican Republic to the UN.
8 Sep 2006 Private Sector Forum to Explore Linkage between Remittances and Development, organized by UNDP, UNFIP and Gobierno Dominicano.
9 Aug 2006 Workshop held in New York, on Fish Farming, organized by the University of Oklahoma to follow-up on the training program held in Louisiana on 15-19 May, 2006.
4-5 Aug 2006 UN Secretary-General visits the Dominican Republic. Meetings were held with: president of upper and lower houses of Congress; the Supreme Court; representatives of UN system organizations; and addressed a gathering of government officials and civil society.
27 - 28 July 2006 Regional Consultation in Santo Domingo on Migration, Remittances, and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.
23 - 27 June 2006 The UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa and UN Millennium Project sent an assessment mission to Madagascar.
22 - 26 June 2006 Columbia University Professor and the Director of UN Millennium Project Jeffrey Sachs' visit to Madagascar and proclaimed the establishment of the African Millennium Village in Sambaina, Madagascar.
15-19 May 2006 Fish Farming Training for ECOSOC Pilot Countries - Madagascar and Dominican Republic, organized by University of Oklahoma.
20-21 Apr 2006 VI Infopoverty World Conference with a theme of "Fighting Poverty to Create Prosperity for All" at the UN Headquarters New York.
15-19 Mar 2006 UN Secretary-General's visit to Madagascar - meeting with UN system organizations and pledged to closely coordinate the network of UN system organizations.
10 Mar 2006 DESA/OESC meeting with Permanent Mission of Angola to the UN - Angola expressed interest in becoming the third pilot country of UNPPA.
Dec 2005 UNDP/TICAD Mission to Madagascar for preparing a report on establishing the Africasia Exchange Desk in Madagascar for trade and investment promotion.
Nov - Dec 2005 OCCAM Mission to Madagascar to discuss the establishment of the ICT Village in Madagascar: Click here for the Report.
30 Sept 2005 The Thematic Group of Food Security and Sustainable Development in Dominican Republic met to discuss related issues in Dominican Republic.
16 Sept 2005 President of the Dominican Republic addressed the High-Level Plenary Meeting of the UN World Summit 2005.
14 Sept 2005 President of Madagascar addressed the High-Level Plenary Meeting of the UN World Summit 2005.
14 Sept 2005 President of the Republic of Madagascar addressed the Roundtable Discussion on achieving the Millennium Development Goals for water, sanitation and hygiene in Africa with a gender perspective.
31 Aug 2005 Meeting between OCCAM and the Permanent Missions of Madagascar and the Dominican Republic took place in New York.
3 Aug 2005 Meeting of the Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic with the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) to introduce the project "One Dollar for Development".
8 July 2005 UNDP/TICAD Office meets with the Ambassador of Madagascar, in order to establish a TICAD Exchange Desk in Madagascar.
30 June 2005 ECOSOC High-Level Segment holds a follow-up meeting in the ECOSOC Chamber, titled "Ministerial Review of Progress in the Implementation of the 2003 ECOSOC Ministerial Declaration on Promoting an Integrated Approach to Rural Development in Developing Countries for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development."
May 12-13 2005 The Fifth Infopoverty World Conference decided "to enhance support for global partnerships and in this context take special efforts to promote the United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development." Activities are underway to build an ICT Model Village in Madagascar.
July 2004  President of Madagascar and UN Secretary-General met in New York.  ECOSOC adopts resolution supporting UN Alliance.  Alliance-Madagascar managers prepare opportunities analysis for CAPE
June 2004 Council of Government decree and statute formalize Alliance-Madagascar as a public-interest association. Secretary-General of Agriculture is invited by UN to speak at ECOSOC.      
Mar-May 2004 Alliance-Madagascar gets underway. Governnment adopts Five Year Master Plan for Rural Development, including a focus on the UN Alliance. CAPE and FAO offer facilities and support.
Jan-Feb 2004 Endorsed by the President and the Prime Minister, the Alliance team undertakes assignment in Madagascar, works with all stakeholders to identify priority programmes, presents issues at national meeting of 1,550 Mayors. Supporters establish "Alliance-Madagascar" as sister institution. Management Committee Co-presidents are the Secretary-General, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and the President of the Madagascar Entrepreneurs Group (FIVMPAMA).
Nov 2003 Meetings at "Geneva Forum" trade fair promote UN Alliance priorities related to Madagascar.
Oct-Dec 2003 UN Alliance builds core group of supporters, with UN system, corporations, NGOs and other stakeholders. Staff of Madagascar Mission to UN take active role.
Sept 2003 The President of Madagascar addresses a breakfast meeting organized by the Alliance in New York with high-level business, UN system and other representatives.
July-Aug 2003 UN Alliance takes shape. Madagascar is chosen as first pilot country, its Ambassador to the UN as leader and UN senior officer introduce UN Alliance to Geneva, New York and Washington agencies.
30 June - 25 July 2003 ECOSOC High-Level Segment on "Promoting an integrated approach to rural development in developing countries for poverty eradication and sustainable development".
30 June 2003 ECOSOC Ministerial Roundtable on "Global partnerships for rural development" hosted by the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).



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