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August, 4 - 1:32 PM

Kofi Annan praises the Dominican Government’s advances

SANTO DOMINGO.- United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan today Friday defined as "extraordinary" Dominican Republic’s advances in the matter of implementing the Objectives of the Millennium, established by the UN.

The UN Secretary General, the first to visit the country since the entity was founded, cautioned that many countries will not be able obtain those objectives before 2015 unless they hasten the alliances with the developed nations.

He said that a nation which prospers is built on citizens who have good health and education and affirms that in Dominican Republic, under Leonel Fernandez’s Administration, this on the suitable path.

He pointed out that few countries in the world which register situations of poverty such as Dominican Republic have obtained such advances.

Annan said that the idea of creating a presidential commission to coordinate between the government with the congress is excellent since this it’s the latter which approves the budgets, "once they have accepted that it’s a long term proposal, I hope that the budgets exist to obtain the Objectives of the Millennium."

The UN Secretary General spoke during a ceremony in the National Palace, where the country’s advances in the attainment of the Objectives of the Millenniums were presented.

For his part, president Fernandez -after greeting him with a "How are you?" in English- strongly praised Annan and also criticized the Lebanon-Israeli conflict, stating that that type of situation directly affects the Dominican Republic because it increases the price of petroleum.


FILE. - UN Secretary General Koffi Annan arrived today in Dominican Republic, where he will meet with the president Leonel Fernandez, and with representatives of the country’s legislative and judicial branches.

Annan and his wife Nane were received in the Las Américas International Airport by the Dominican Foreign Ministry officials, and by UN System resident coordinator in the country, Niky Fabiancic, reported the local media.

In the Dominican capital, Annan will be apprised of the Government’s advances in implementing the Development Objectives of the Millennium, and will meet with Fernandez.

The UN Secretary General will also speak with the presidents of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as with the Chief Justice of the Dominican Supreme Court.

Annan yesterday postponed for one day his visit to Dominican Republic, due to the adverse weather conditions in Haiti, where he went on an official visit.

The UN chief’s first visit to this Caribbean country will last 24 hours.

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Written by jeffrey
New York, 4:30 PM
The price of oil goes up in this conflict? Oh yeah Lebanon & Israel the big oil producers & refiners of the world...Mr. President do some research b4 speaking.
Written by Jay E.
nyc, 2:17 PM
Jeffrey... i believe that you are the one that needs to do some research before making such comments.... just a little hint...dont just watch the news, pay attention!
Written by Johnk
New York, 6:10 PM
The president is completely correct about the increase in oil prices due to the conflict. It was at around $69/barrel before and now it is at $74-75/barrel.
Written by jeffrey
New York, 10:58 PM
Gentlemen; do u own cars in New York? The price of gasoline has dropped not only at the pump but on the markets as well. thank you
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