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Reports / Documents to the ECOSOC on UN Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development (UNPPA)


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E/2007/61 Report of the Secretary General: "The United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development" (English / Français / Español / Русский / اللغة العربية / 中文) 9 May 2007

"The present report responds to Council resolution 2005/42 requesting the Secretary-General to report to it at its 2007 substantive session on the work of the United Nations Alliance in the two pilot countries, covering work by national institutions and various development partners, donor developed and developing countries, United Nations system organizations, non-governmental/civil society organizations and the private sector. The report also presents policy recommendations to enhance the capacity of the national mechanisms in the pilot countries to fast-track partnership projects for rural development." (from the Summary)

Needs Assessment Report Investing in the Sustainable Development of the Dominican Republic: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Needs Assessment (PDF file) 2005

The support of the President of the Dominican Republic and the collaboration of the UN Millennium Project, helped conduct an MDG Needs Assessment and Costing Analysis. The report contains the needs assessment and costing analysis of each core issue as calculated by the six Working Groups and addresses the 8 MDGs as well as 11 of the 18 Targets.

Issues Note Ministerial Review of Progress in the Implementation of the 2003 ECOSOC Ministerial Declaration on Promoting an Integrated Approach to Rural Development in Developing Countries for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development June 2005

This document is the Issues Note prepared for the meeting which took  place in the 2005 ECOSOC High-Level Segment in order to review the progress in the implementation of the 2003 ECOSOC Ministerial Declaration on Rural Development (E/2003/L.9). This declaration proposed promoting  an integrated approach to rural development as a tool of poverty eradication and sustainable development, which are immensely linked with the MDG's.  It is available in English.

Brief Report on UNPPA

Brief Report on UN Public-Private Alliance prepared for the ECOSOC

June 2005

This report was prepared by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and was distributed to delegations in the 2005 ECOSOC High-Level Segment. It reviews progress in the implementation of the United Nations Public-Private Alliance. It is available in English.

Issues  paper

Issues Paper for ECOSOC Ministerial Roundtable discussion on: "Global partnerships for rural development"

30 June 2003
The theme of the High-Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council held in 2003 was on rural development. At one of its Ministerial Roundtable discussions, hosted by the World Bank and IFAD, the discussion focused on global partnerships for rural development. The issues paper for the discussion stated that there was a growing consensus within the international community about global poverty reduction targets. It pointed out that global partnerships would serve to tackle the problems of rural development.
E/2003/51 Report of the Secretary General: "Promoting an integrated approach to rural development in developing countries for poverty eradication and sustainable development" (English / Français) 2 April 2003

"Accelerated rural development is essential to achieve the internationally agreed development goals, including the millennium development goals.   The present report provides policy recommendations on ways to promote  an integrated approach to rural development, encompassing the economic, social and environmental dimensions, with a number of mutually reinforcing policies and programmes that address a broad range of issues related to rural development." (from the Summary)

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