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  Partnership Projects in Health Care, Training and Education in the Dominican Republic
12-14 Feb 2007 Madagascar companies invited to the Fourth Africa-Asia Business Forum - UNDP
22 Dec 2006 Debt relief for Madagascar - The World Bank
23 Nov 2006 New report shows improvements in child survival in Madagascar - World Health Organization
  The Mother-Baby AIDS Project in the Dominican Republic
15 Nov 2006 International Movement ATD Fourth World NGO programmes in Madagascar
  ICT Village Sambaina, Madagascar, Proclaimed Millennium Development Village by Jeffrey Sachs
26 Oct 2006 Opportunities for cooperation between Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund and the Dominican Republic
 Oct 2006 Online discussion on Public-Private Partnerships Units - The World Bank
12 Sept 2006 Call for promotion of social engagement, corporate responsibility, public-private partnerships and MDGs in the Dominican Republic
8 Sept 2006 Private Sector Forum to Explore Linkages between Remittances and Development
4 Aug 2006 The Dominican Republic as a pilot project - U.N. Chronicle Magazine
  UNCT Madagascar implemented joint programmes and UNDAF for the first time 2005 (French)
8 June 2006 Ambassador Lorenzo emphasized the crucial role of remittances in Dominican Republic's Economy
  UNDP/GSB to develop joint venture to increase access to finance SMEs in Madagascar
15-19 May 2006 Establishment of Small Fish Farms for Achieving MDGs in Madagascar
7-10 Mar 2006 International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development
10 Feb 2006 ECOSOC to discuss Integrated Approach to Rural Development in 2007
9 Feb 2006 EU and ESA Close First Phase of Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations
  GDA Report: Public-Private Alliances for Transformational Development
Dec 2005 Programme en faveur de l'Education Pour Tous à Madagascar - Agence Française de Développement
16 Nov 2005 Infopoverty Programme for 2006 to replicate ICT model village in Madagascar and Dominican Republic
Nov 2005 "Achieving MDGs requires an extensive 'National Pact,'" says the First Lady of the Dominican Republic at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) (English / Spanish)
Nov 2005 Infopoverty Programme in Action presentation
14 Sep 2005 President of Madagascar addresses the UN World Summit 2005  « video (real player) »
14 Sep 2005 Statement of H.E. Marc Ravalomanana on the occasion of the Roundtable discussion about "Achieving the Millennium Development Goals for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
31 Aug 2005 OCCAM and the UNPPA pilot countries agreed to implement projects in Madagascar and the Dominican Republic
June 2005 Putting in place a national coalition of civil society organizations-Madagascar : USAID

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