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Second Pilot Country: Dominican  Republic
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One Dollar for Development' is based on no-cost software technology transfer from developed to developing countries at the symbolic price of one dollar. The potential of this 'not for profit' initiative is its capacity to contribute to the reduction of digital gaps.

The underlying rationale for this initiative is that, sustainable MDG-based strategies of developing countries require significant public investments to spur local scientific innovation and technological development. There are many Countries, which have successfully developed and deployed e-Government applications in many key areas such as Justice, Security, Healthcare, Welfare, Transport and Education.

 Without having to reinvest and at a fraction of the initial development costs, most of these applications could be easily duplicated, re-deployed and put in use in developing countries to support local innovation and technological development with far reaching impacts on the national economy in general and in the field of 

                                                                                                                                  governance in particular.


  The ODFD initiative aims at making available at no cost e-Government applications owned by developed countries to developing countries

  by encouraging the North-South and South-South cooperation as an effective contribution to development and as a means to share and

  transfer good practices and technologies.

  The initiative seeks support from developed countries owning such applications to make available their in-use software which in turn will

  be transferred to the developing countries at a symbolic price of one dollar (the price of the CD-ROM used to store the application).

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