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United Nations Desa Capacity Development Office

Human Resources Management for Project Personnel


Under delegated authority from the ASG of OHRM, Human Resources Management provides comprehensive human resources services in support of DESA's capacity development programme, including the recruitment and administration of all project personnel (interregional advisers, chief technical advisers, project experts, local general service staff, international consultants, national experts and national consultants). Project personnel, administered under the 200 series of the staff rules until 30 June 2009, are now administered under the U.N.'s single set of Staff Regulations and Staff Rules (provisional) (ST/SGB/2009/6 and ST/SGB/2009/7).


Human Resources Management is entrusted with the management of the United Nations Associate Expert Programme, which includes donor coordination on funding and management of post selection, recruitment and administration of all UN Secretariat Associate Experts across duty stations, and donor reporting. As the human resource office responsible for the UN Associate Expert Programme, the Human Resources Management of the CDO provides substantive support and serves as the Secretariat of the biannual Interagency Meeting of National Recruitment Services and UN Organizations on the Associate Expert/JPO/APO Programmes.
Human Resources Management supports the recruitment and personnel administration of the international personnel assigned to the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT) in Cambodia, an activity initiated in 2006 with a proposed timeline until 2015.


Human Resources Management supports the implementation of DESA's capacity development training programmes, which are geared towards the transfer of skills and knowledge to assist member states towards their implementation of the Internationally Agreed Development Goals (IADG). DESA's training programmes are a mix of interregional workshops which provide an opportunity for north-south and south-south exchange, regional workshops which encourage harmonization of practices/policies in the region, and country level workshops which provide training in meeting national commitments as agreed in intergovernmental fora, including changes to national policies and programmes.

Human Resources Management implements training conducted through short-term study tours which range from one to four weeks, providing developing countries an opportunity to take part in site-visits in developed countries, and to engage with counterparts on sharing experiences and best practices.

Human Resources Management supports individual fellowships which range from three months to one year, providing developing country officials with an opportunity to receive one to one training in host institutions, including UN organizations.

The Human Resource Management of the CDO provides all Secretariat functions to the biannual Meetings of Senior Fellowships Officers of the United nations System and Host Country Agencies.

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