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Guidelines for Creating Websites at the UN

About this site

This website contains guidelines for planning, building, testing, launching, and maintaining a United Nations website. Before you begin creating your UN website, you should review this site thoroughly.

Some of the guidelines are in the process of being reviewed. If any of the guidelines are revised, this website will be updated to reflect the change.

The site was created by the Web Services Section of the Department of Public Information in order to assist offices planning a new website. If you have any questions, contact us.



The planning phase involves gathering inputs and information needed for making key decisions during the conception, design and development phases of the website.



The purpose of the design phase is to translate the site’s objectives into a visual solution and to define the site’s “look and feel”.



The purpose of this phase is to build and integrate all the components and elements of the site in accordance with all applicable requirements and constraints.

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