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Releases are available since 13 October 1995.


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Can be combined with keywords and/or symbol search.

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This option will return releases in which the words you enter appears in the headline. It may be combined with a un body or a symbol search.


All press releases are categorised and classified according to symbols (a full list is available here), for instance statements by the Secretary-General are classified as SG/SM/. This search may be combined with UN body and/or keywords and by separating several symbols with commas you may look for several different symbols using the same keyword(s).

Please note that press conferences are not classified under any symbol and if you enter a symbol in your search, the results will not return any press conference summaries.

Note also that not all releases are classified with a second symbol. For instance, any meeting of a UN Body such as the Security Council or the General Assembly, will only be classified under the symbol SC/ and GA/ respectively. I.e. a Security Council meeting on Africa will NOT be categorised under the symbol AFR/.

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