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"The United Nations was created more than 60 years ago to save succeeding generations from war, protect human rights, establish conditions for justice, and promote social progress and better standards of life. These fundamental objectives remain as critical as ever.

At the same time, over these six decades, new challenges have emerged—from international terrorism to climate change, to the spread of infectious diseases to other threats that transcend national borders.

These global problems can never be resolved by any one country acting alone. As the world’s only truly universal institution, the United Nations offers the best—if not the only—forum to galvanize global action to meet the challenges ahead.

Through brief and specific examples, this website illustrates some of the achievements of the United Nations so far, and how it can continue its valuable work in the future, for the sake of generations to come."

Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations


The United Nations was established, in the aftermath of a devastating war, to help stabilize international relations and give peace a more secure foundation.

Amid the threat of nuclear war and seemingly endless regional conflicts, peacekeeping has become an overriding concern of the United Nations, and the activities of the blue-helmeted peacekeepers have emerged as among the most visible.

But the United Nations is much more than a peacekeeper and a forum for conflict resolution. Often without attracting attention, the UN and its family of agencies are engaged in a vast array of work that seeks to improve people’s lives around the world.

Child survival and development. Environmental protection. Human rights. Health and medical research. Alleviation of poverty and economic development. Agricultural development and fisheries. Education. Advancement of women. Emergency and disaster relief. Air and sea travel. Peaceful uses of atomic energy. Workers’ rights. The list goes on.

Here is a sampling of what the United Nations and its component bodies have accomplished since 1945, when the world Organization was founded.