Counter-terrorism and related bodies

1267 Committee

Established in 1999 by resolution 1267 and tasked with monitoring the sanctions against the Taliban (and subsequently Al-Qaida as of 2000). At the request of the Security Council, the Secretary-General has appointed an Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team to assist the Committee. The Team comprises experts in counter-terrorism and related legal issues, arms embargoes, travel bans and terrorist financing.
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Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC)

In 2001, following the September 11 terrorist attacks against the US , the Security Council established a Counter Terrorism Committee also comprising all members of the Security Council, under resolution 1373. This resolution obliges Member States to take a number of measures to prevent terrorist activities and to criminalize various forms of terrorist actions, as well as to take measures that assist and promote cooperation among countries including adherence to international counter-terrorism instruments. Member States are required to report regularly to the Counter Terrorism Committee on the measures they have taken to implement resolution 1373.
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1540 Committee

On 28 April 2004, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1540 (2004) under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, obliging States, inter alia, to refrain from supporting by any means non-State actors from developing, acquiring, manufacturing, possessing, transporting, transferring or using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their delivery systems.
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1566 Working Group

The Council, also in 2004, adopted resolution 1566 which called on Member States to take action against groups and organizations engaged in terrorist activities that were not subject to the 1267 Committee's review. Resolution 1566 established the 1566 Working Group made up of all Council members to recommend practical measures against such individuals and groups, as well as to explore the possibility of setting up a compensation fund for victims of terrorism.
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