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7 October, 2014
GA/11567Fight against Terrorism, Climate Change Highlighted as General Assembly Considers Secretary-Generals Annual Progress Report on United Nations Work

7 October, 2014
GA/L/3475Speakers Urge That Differences Be Resolved in Draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, as Sixth Committee Begins Session

30 September, 2014
GA/11566Resolute Action to Arrest Global Terrorism Vies on World Stage with Effort to Set Transformative Development Agenda, as General Assembly Concludes Debate

30 September, 2014
SG/SM/16225Secretary-General, in Message to Committee, Says Counter-Terrorism Actions Must Be Consistent with International Human Rights, Humanitarian Law

26 September, 2014
GA/11563Leaders Sound Alarm in General Assembly Debate on Unprecedented Mix of Challenges in Middle East, Taking Terror to a New Era and a New Level

25 September, 2014
DC/3523Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas, in Video Message, Marks Arms Trade Treatys Entry into Force, Saying We Owe It to Our Children

24 September, 2014
SG/SM/16195-SC/11582Secretary-General Tells Security Council, in Summit Condemning Violent Extremism, Good Governance, Politics of Inclusion Greatest Threat to Terrorism

24 September, 2014
SC/11580Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution Condemning Violent Extremism, Underscoring Need to Prevent Travel, Support for Foreign Terrorist Fighters

23 September, 2014
SG/SM/16185Secretary-General, in Message to Counter-Terrorism Forum, Urges Greater Collaboration to Defeat Foreign Fighters

3 September, 2014
SG/SM/16122-AFR/2960Secretary-General, in Message to Security Conference in Nigeria, Reaffirms His Solidarity with Victims of Extremism, Terror

2 September, 2014
SC/11547-AFR/2959Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali

2 September, 2014
SG/SM/16116-AFR/2957Terrorist Agenda Audacious, Says Secretary-General in Message, Requiring Robust but Not Disproportionate Response

20 August, 2014
SG/SM/16092Strongly Condemning Killing of Journalist James Foley, Secretary-General Says Abominable Crime Underscores Terror Campaign in Iraq and Syria

18 August, 2014
SC/11523-AFR/2951-PKO/426Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali

15 August, 2014
SC/11520Security Council Adopts Resolution 2170 (2014) Condemning Gross, Widespread Abuse of Human Rights by Extremist Groups in Iraq, Syria