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Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

Second Chance

On 29 September the United Nations Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) and the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be screening the documentary Second Chance at the United Nations Headquarters

This is the second in a series of films produced as part of the CTITF Documentaries Project to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism.  It highlights how a former Saudi Arabian terrorist, trained to make bombs for Al-Qaida, managed, with the help of the Saudi authorities, to refocus his life from violence to supporting his family and community after being given a second chance.

The Documentaries Project, led by the 1267 Monitoring Team and the CTITF Office, and supported by the Department of Public Information (UNTV), aims to highlight the stories of repentant terrorists and provide a platform for them and their victims to speak out against terrorism in particular to vulnerable young people. The first film, The Terrorist Who Came Home, was launched in January 2011.  A third film is currently in production.