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Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

UNICRI Center on Policies to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism



United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy:

Section I, paragraph 6: “To pursue and reinforce development and social inclusion agendas at every level as goals in themselves, recognizing that success in this area, especially on youth unemployment, could reduce marginalization and the subsequent sense of victimization that propels extremism and the recruitment of terrorists.”


In June 2010, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) opened the “Centre on Policies to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism”. The Centre will be analyzing different policies and programmes on detection and prevention of pathways into terrorism, early intervention efforts against terrorist recruitment, and rehabilitation initiatives. The Centre, run in close coordination with the CTITF, is based at the UNICRI Lab’s office on “Dialogue and innovation” in Lucca, Italy.

Key planned projects for the initial three-year pilot phase of the “Center on Policies to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism” include:

Countering the Appeal of Terrorism

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For more information on UNICRI’s funding proposal for the planned center, please contact lab@unicri.it