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Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

Press Releases


3 September, 2014 - Secretary-General, in Message to Security Conference in Nigeria, Reaffirms His Solidarity with Victims of Extremism, Terror - SG/SM/16122-AFR/2960


2 September, 2014 - Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali - SC/11547-AFR/2959


2 September, 2014 - Terrorist Agenda Audacious, Says Secretary-General in Message, Requiring Robust but Not Disproportionate Response - SG/SM/16116-AFR/2957


20 August, 2014 - Strongly Condemning Killing of Journalist James Foley, Secretary-General Says Abominable Crime Underscores Terror Campaign in Iraq and Syria - SG/SM/16092


18 August, 2014 - Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali - SC/11523-AFR/2951-PKO/426


15 August, 2014 - Security Council Adopts Resolution 2170 (2014) Condemning Gross, Widespread Abuse of Human Rights by Extremist Groups in Iraq, Syria - SC/11520


28 July, 2014 - Security Council Voices Grave Concern over Reported Seizure of Oilfields by Terrorist Groups Operating in Syria, Iraq - SC/11495


23 July, 2014 - Horrific Acts by Extremist Group in Iraq Present Complex Threat to Peace, Security of Entire Region, Top United Nations Official Tells Security Council - SC/11488


8 July, 2014 - As New Crises Emerge in West Africa, Meeting Social Needs Presents Difficulties, Top United Nations Official Tells Security Council - SC/11465


3 July, 2014 - Security Council 2140 Sanctions Committee, Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee and Counter-Terrorism Committee Meet on Yemen - SC/11463


1 July, 2014 - Security Council Press Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali - SC/11461-AFR/2926


16 June, 2014 - Secretary-General Condemns Attacks in Kenya in Strongest Terms, Reiterates United Nations Support for Anti-Terrorism Struggle - SG/SM/15951-AFR/2912


16 June, 2014 - Strong Collective Efforts Needed to Keep Small Arms, Light Weapons from Proliferating, Meeting of States Hears - DC/3505


13 June, 2014 - Reiterating Unequivocal Condemnation of Terrorism in All Forms, General Assembly Adopts Resolution Reaffirming Global Commitment to Combating Threat - GA/11523


12 June, 2014 - Member States Condemn Abductions, Attacks in Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, as General Assembly Begins Review of Counter-Terrorism Strategy - GA/11522