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Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

Documentaries Project to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism

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To assist States in taking practical action to address issues that promote extremism and recruitment to terrorism, CTITF is undertaking a Documentaries Project to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism.

The project is led by the Monitoring Team of the 1267 Committee and the Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General (EOSG), and supported by the Department of Public Information (UNTV). The aim of the Documentaries Project is to undermine the appeal of terrorism by providing a platform for former terrorists and their victims to speak out against terrorism, specifically targeting vulnerable groups of young people. The documentaries provide information on the processes that may lead an individual to terrorism, as well as highlight the negative consequences of such an action.

The Monitoring Team and the EOSG are currently working with several interested States on this project, and so far three countries, Algeria, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, are actively engaged in the production of brief documentary films of repentant terrorists and their victims.

There are numerous individuals around the world who were once active supporters of terrorism but have now rejected its methods and message. These former terrorists are often from communities that may well breed terrorist supporters in the future. By describing their own experience, they can articulate common factors that draw people to terrorism, but also explain why terrorism is not the solution. Including the perspective of a victim of terrorism is important as it reinforces the message that terrorism is an unacceptable crime which indiscriminately affects innocent people.

The 1267 Monitoring Team is also conducting a project to examine the comparative advantages of rehabilitation and countering extremism programmes run by certain States, with the purpose to offer examples and lessons learnt to countries that are considering similar action.

The Terrorist Who Came Home

The Terrorist Who Came Home

The film depicts the life of an Algerian combatant who endured years of heavy fighting before deciding to abandon that lifestyle to focus on his family and future within Algerian society.


The Terrorist Who Got a Second Chance

Second Chance

The film portrays how a second chance given to a former Saudi terrorist, who was a trained bomb-maker for Usama bin Laden, has allowed him to refocus his life from violence to supporting his family and community.