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RIO+20 The Future We Want

RIO+20 the future we want

Elie Wiesel: The Future We Want

Elie Wiesel

The future we want is one of collective engagement and individual dialogue instead of withdrawal and suspicion. 

We want a future when children will justify our hope in theirs. When strangers will stop feel in peril of being rejected. And when power will not bring humiliation and dishonour. When the aged will overcome fear and the young pride.

We want a future when words will be prayers instead of curses, and tears will reflect joy rather than despair.

A future without shame and resignation and above all without indifference, that is the one I want for all of us, men and women and children, on this endangered planet. We want a future when we will all believe in one another and see him in him or her a companion, a friend: a source of gratitude.

Elie Weisel is a Holocaust survivor, Nobel Laureate, writer, human rights activist and a United Nations Messenger of Peace since 1998.