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RIO+20 the future we want

Mayan Elders, at the UN, call for new era of harmony with the planet

2012 seen as a major transition and opportunity to shift priorities


25 October 2012 – For the first time ever, the Mayan Elders of the K’iche’ Mayoral of Santo Tomas de Chichicastenango, Guatemala (Maya-Quiche Empire), travelled to New York to share their message of harmony with the world.

At United Nations Headquarters, the group led by Don Tomás Calvo, the highest moral authority of the Maya, delivered their ancestors’ message, calling for the end of 2012 to be the beginning of a new era of harmony with the planet.

"To you – representatives of the peoples who share our planet daily – I bring the voice of my people on my way towards the end of a period of time we call Oxlajuj B'aqtun and before the opening of a new era which we enter with joy and harmony," said Don Tomás Calvo, head of the Order of the Mayan Lords.

Thousands of years ago, Mayan astronomers foresaw that a unique alignment of the cosmos which occurs only once every 64,000 years would take place in 2012. The Maya identified this new cycle, to begin on 21 December, as a monumental transition and an opportunity to realign priorities based on the principles of love, gratitude, care and respect for both humanity and our environment.

"For the Maya, ushering in a new cycle is a huge celebration," said Don Tomás Calvo.

Indigenous peoples’ unique relationship with the planet is at the centre of indigenous spirituality. The preservation of indigenous communities and of their surroundings is, therefore, their spirituality and belief system.