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RIO+20 The Future We Want

RIO+20 the future we want

Muazzez Ersoy: The Future We Want

Muazzez Ersoy

Today, research and studies on issues such as global warming, agriculture, city planning, food scarcity, expensive energy and environmental disasters are telling us that the world has lost its spontaneity. A wide range of chemicals cause a serious threat to health of living organisms and even to their existence. Additionally, unsustainable environment and socioeconomic policies that rely on cheap labor and raw materials endanger the future of human beings.

Human greed and pitiless competition that gained momentum following the industrial revolution, as well as the rapid depletion of natural resources from the 1960s onwards have caused entrepreneurs today to move freely outside their countries of origin and gravitate towards profitable domains in the name of "global politics."

While these facts are on the table, I was happy to see more efforts were being made to find solutions to environment, economy and human life at the Sustainable Development Conference and at the Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Meeting that was recently held in Thailand.

I have a dream where there is sustained justice, in a no bordered world, where there is no famine, no refugees, no discrimination, no unemployment, where everybody has equal education opportunity, access to health services, electricity and clean water to drink.

A Chinese proverb that I believe we all should make ourselves remember is: "The Earth is not inherited to us from our elders; we borrowed it from our children." It should be sustained that environment and ecosystem should not be damaged while targeting for enhanced economy.

The major target should be to remove nuclear arms, search for renewable energy sources and reduce usage of gas for transportation for future generations.

Muazzez Ersoy is s a Turkish classical and folk singer and a Goodwill Ambassador of UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Turkey.