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RIO+20 The Future We Want

RIO+20 the future we want

Craig David: The Future We WantCraig David

I learned about tuberculosis a couple of years ago through my friend Luis Figo and was appalled when I heard it still kills nearly 3,800 people every day worldwide. It’s really unacceptable that so many people die from a preventable and curable disease. It’s hard to believe tuberculosis is the leading cause of death in people living with HIV and that in 2010 there were some 10 million children orphaned by the death of a parent from tuberculosis!

Unfortunately, tuberculosis keeps spreading- everywhere in the world where there is poverty. People who have poor health or poor nutrition due to poverty, or live and work in crowded and inhuman conditions are especially at risk.

Tuberculosis particularly attacks men and women in their most productive years, preventing them from working and making a living to support their families. Tuberculosis sadly pushes poor people to terrible poverty.

I’m a musician and believe that music can inspire a better future: it’s a universal language that reaches beyond social and economic barriers. Music doesn’t need much money to happen: it just needs the right combination of creative minds, beautiful voices and melodic sound to touch the hearts of people across the world. Let’s use the power of music to fuel new energy and vibe into the fight against poverty and tuberculosis.

Only working together with a common voice can we spread these important messages and save the lives of millions of men, women and children all over the world.

The future I want is free of poverty and of tuberculosis.

Craig David is an award-winning singer-songwriter and a Goodwill Ambassador against Tuberculosis.