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Strengthening the UN

Delivering Results

Countries and citizens around the world provide resources to the United Nations, and count on it to work on their behalf for a better and more secure world.

Giving life-saving support to populations hit by humanitarian crises; helping build and keep the peace in conflict-ridden areas; supporting governments and their citizens to advance development and fight poverty; and promoting human rights worldwide: these are the core pillars of the work of the United Nations and the mandates it receives from its Member States.

Every day the UN works to tackle global challenges and deliver results for those most in need.

The UN provides life-saving assistance to tens of millions of people

Haiti UN Peacekeepers feed victims of the Haitian earthquake at a field hospital.

The UN helps build and keep the peace in conflict-ridden areas

peacekeeping UN peacekeeper on patrol during the transition to independence of Timor Leste.

The UN supports governments and their citizens in fighting poverty and achieving their development goals

maternity ward The UN works closely with local hospitals to improve maternal healthcare in Mongolia.

The UN promotes human rights worldwide