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Strengthening the UN

The world is changing, and with it the demands on the United Nations. The UN provides a unique platform for international action. It offers unparalleled legitimacy for global engagement, owing to its universal membership; its inclusive decision-making processes; its unequalled reach; and its ability to provide critical services that are essential to international peace, security, stability and prosperity.

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Process of renewal

The United Nations is engaged in a continuous process of change and reform to strengthen its ability to meet new demands and deliver its vital services in the most effective and efficient ways. This means:

  • Constant emphasis on transparency, accountability, integrity, efficiency and flexibility.
  • Creating an environment in which improvement is expected and innovation is welcomed.

These efforts are aimed at delivering results to those most in need, doing more with what we have and strengthening accountability.


Delivering ResultsCountries and citizens around the world provide resources to and count on the United Nations to work on their behalf for a better and more secure world.

Doing More
with What We Have

Doing More with What We HaveIn order to maximize impact and make the most of UN resources, we are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, rationalizing our structures, building a global and dynamic work force, and encouraging innovation in every area.


AccountabilityAccountability takes many forms, from the Organization’s duty to carry out the decisions of Member States, to good governance by Member States, to the responsibility of all staff to adhere to the highest standards of conduct in support of the UN and its goals.