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Strengthening the UN

Strengthening Accountability

Achieving optimal results requires establishing full accountability by all parties involved:

Over time, the UN has developed a robust accountability system which rests on internal controls and oversight mechanisms, and tools to promote transparency and integrity.  In recent years a special focus has been given to ensuring the integrity of procurement processes. (See A/64/640, Annex 1 for “Components of the accountability system in the United Nations Secretariat”).

While much has been done, accountability is by its very nature a work in progress, as expectations and demands on the system continue to evolve. Achievements to date include:

Strengthened internal controls and oversight

Increased transparency and integrity

A special focus on procurement

The Procurement Task Force (PTF) operated between January 2006 and December 2008 to address specific allegations of fraud and corruption related to the Oil-for-Food Programme. While the PTF recommended legal action in 13 cases, its efforts did not expose widespread corruption at the United Nations (see Board of Auditors report A/63/167). Acting on Task Force recommendations, in the past few years the Organization has made it a priority to strengthen internal control and oversight mechanisms, optimize the acquisition process, and manage the UN procurement function more strategically.

Ongoing commitment