Sharing Knowledge

From in-depth publications, source documents and electronic depositories to guided tours, the Department works to provide easy access to the wealth of information and knowledge on the UN and related issues for a wide range of users.


UN.ORG Website

The Department manages the main UN website, UN.ORG, in the six official languages, including general information about the UN, global issues, observances and campaigns, and updates on the work of the main organs.  It sets the Organization’s standards for web branding, multilingualism requirements, usability and accessibility for the disabled. The Web Services Section also works closely with other Departments to establish their web presence and provides multilingualism support, as needed.

Library Services

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library offers information on UN documentationand research services to delegates, UN departments and offices, as well as to diverse specialized groups and the wider public. To facilitate search and discovery of documents and library materials, it maintains the UN Bibliographic and Information System (UNBISnet) and other information research tools.


The United Nations publishes approximately 500 new titles a year on a variety of topics from human rights, to the global economy, to international law, and more. UN publications are available in print through a secure ordering system, at the United Nations Bookshop in New York, and through a network of 90+ distributors and agents. They are also available as e-books through major content aggregators, on most popular mobile e-book readers and as smart phone "apps". The UN Publications team also negotiates license agreements with other publishers for translation or reproduction of United Nations content, and with e-book providers.

A series of flagship publications developed by the Department aim to meet the needs of diverse audiences, from those who seek basic facts about the Organization to the readers interested in in-depth or specialized information. 

  • Basic Facts about the United Nations – a periodically updated book outlining the UN’s history, structure, work and purposes.
  • Africa Renewal – a magazine focusing on key developments and issues related to the continent.
  • The UN Chronicle – a magazine featuring in-depth coverage of a wide array of UN topics and activities.
  • The Yearbook of the United Nations – an annual reference work providing a comprehensive and detailed look at a year in the life of the Organization.

Visitor Services

Manages the guided tours operations and group programmes at United Nations Headquarters in New York which every year attracts nearly half a million people from around the world. It is also responsible for exhibits displayed in the public areas at Headquarters.

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