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Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council

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Tables, Graphs, and Other Data

This page provides links to tables on procedural and constitutional topics relating to the practice of the Security Council that were included in the volumes of the Repertoire in different periods. It also includes new tables, graphs and other data sets that provide information over larger periods spanning multiple volumes of the Repertoire. This section will be updated with new data sets and tables as they are completed. If there is information that you are interested in seeing presented here, please contact us.

Mandate table

Categorization of mandates of current peacekeeping and political missions, grouped under broad categories such as "coordination", "human rights", "rule of law".

Mandate tableExcel document

Cross-cutting issues research tables

Compilation of all provisions relating to specific cross-cutting issues contained in decisions adopted under country-specific and thematic items before the Security Council.

Women, peace and security (WPS)Excel document

Children and armed conflict (CAAC)Excel document

Protection of civilians in armed conflict (POC)Excel document

Highlights of Security Council Practice

Key highlights and statistics of the evolving practice of the Security Council such as meetings, decisions, newly introduced agenda items, voting patterns, subsidiary bodies established or terminated.

2011PDF document

2012PDF document

2013PDF document


Key documents

Charter of the United Nations

Rules of Procedures

Notes by the President on working methods of the Security Council

Resolution and decision books

Summary statements by the Secretary-General of matters of which the Security Council is seized

Overall statistics

Meetings, consultations, resolutions and presidential statements

By year: 2000-2010

By month: 2010


High-level meetings
Meetings held away from Headquarters
Private meetings                                                      
Open and private meetings over time*
Number of meetings by type and region*
Meetings on regional or thematic agenda items over time *
Number of meetings by region over time*


All Agenda items by first appearance*    
Agenda item list        
Retained and deleted agenda items              
New agenda items    
Retained items with new actions
Deleted agenda items


To Member States in accordance with Article 35 (1) 
To specially affected Member States            
Under Article 32       
Under Rule 37           
Under Rule 39           
Not expressly under Article 32 or rule 39       
Not expressly under rule 37 or rule 39           
To UN organs/subsidiary organs  (see also tables on invitations under Rule 39 above)

Voting and decision-making

Non-procedural votes
Procedural votes       
Voting on invitation/participation
Abstention, non-participation or absence          
Resolution adoption without a vote or by consensus
Presidential statements placed on meeting record          
Presidential statements issued only as Council documents
Presidential statements issued to the media                                     
Presidential statements with disassociating members
Security Council decisions in letters or Presidential notes     
Analytical table of measures
Number of resolutions and Presidential statements over time*


Monthly Assessment                                    

Relations with the Other Principal Organs

Recommendations in GA resolutions to Security Council      
Communications from GA subsidiary organs
Participation by GA subsidiary organs
resolutions & presidential statements with GA references       
resolutions & presidential statements With ECOSOC references
Participation by ECOSOC

Security Council members

List of members* (Membership in the Security Council)      

By Year


By Country


Admission of new members

Applications for UN membership   

Subsidiary organs

Subsidiary organs completed or terminated

Pacific settlement of disputes

Disputes/situation referrals 
Secretary-General’s investigation and fact-finding   
Security Council missions*                          

Other useful sources of information on the Security Council can be found at the Security Council main page and pages for the Dag Hammerskjold Library.

*These tables have been compiled on the basis of the Repertoire for convenient reference.


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