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Office of the Ombudsperson

An independent and impartial Ombudsperson, who reviews requests from individuals, groups, undertakings or entities seeking to be removed from the Al-Qaida Sanctions List of the Security Council's Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee

Catherine Marchi-Uhel was appointed as Ombudsperson by the Secretary-General on 13 July 2015. She took up her official duties on 27 July 2015.

Ombudsperson’s letter of appointment

The first Ombudsperson, Kimberly Prost was appointed by the Secretary-General on 3 June 2010 and she took up her official duties on 14 July 2010. She was re-appointed for 30 months on 1 January 2013. She left office as of 14 July 2015.

Outgoing Ombudsperson's Letter to the Secretary-General
The contact particulars for the Office of the Ombudsperson are as follows:

Office of the Ombudsperson
Room DC2-2206
United Nations
New York, NY 10017
United States of America
Tel: +1 212 963 2671
E-mail: ombudsperson@un.org

The Ombudsperson’s mandate is contained in Security Council resolution 2161 (2014).