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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1983
S/RES/545 (1983) Angola-South Africa
S/RES/544 (1983) Cyprus
S/RES/543 (1983) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/542 (1983) Lebanon
S/RES/541 (1983) Cyprus
S/RES/540 (1983) Iraq-Islamic Republic of Iran
S/RES/539 (1983) Namibia
S/RES/538 (1983) Israel-Lebanon
S/RES/537 (1983) Admission of a new Member: Saint Kitts and Nevis
S/RES/536 (1983) Israel-Lebanon
S/RES/535 (1983) Lesotho-South Africa
S/RES/534 (1983) Cyprus
S/RES/533 (1983) South Africa
S/RES/532 (1983) Namibia
S/RES/531 (1983) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/530 (1983) Honduras-Nicaragua
S/RES/529 (1983) Israel-Lebanon