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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1979
S/RES/461 (1979) Islamic Republic of Iran-USA
S/RES/460 (1979) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/459 (1979) Israel-Lebanon
S/RES/458 (1979) Cyprus
S/RES/457 (1979) Islamic Republic of Iran-USA
S/RES/456 (1979) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/455 (1979) Southern Rhodesia-Zambia
S/RES/454 (1979) Angola-South Africa
S/RES/453 (1979) Admission of a new Member: Saint Lucia
S/RES/452 (1979) Territories occupied by Israel
S/RES/451 (1979) Cyprus
S/RES/450 (1979) Israel-Lebanon
S/RES/449 (1979) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/448 (1979) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/447 (1979) Angola-South Africa
S/RES/446 (1979) Territories occupied by Israel
S/RES/445 (1979) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/444 (1979) Israel-Lebanon