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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1977
S/RES/422 (1977) Cyprus
S/RES/421 (1977) South Africa
S/RES/420 (1977) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/419 (1977) Benin
S/RES/418 (1977) South Africa
S/RES/417 (1977) South Africa
S/RES/416 (1977) Egypt-Israel
S/RES/415 (1977) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/414 (1977) Cyprus
S/RES/413 (1977) Admission of a new Member: Viet Nam
S/RES/412 (1977) Admission of a new Member: Djibouti
S/RES/411 (1977) Mozambique-Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/410 (1977) Cyprus
S/RES/409 (1977) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/408 (1977) Israel-Syrian Arab Republic
S/RES/407 (1977) Lesotho-South Africa
S/RES/406 (1977) Botswana-Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/405 (1977) Benin
S/RES/404 (1977) Benin
S/RES/403 (1977) Botswana-Southern Rhodesia