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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1968
S/RES/262 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/261 (1968) The Cyprus Question
S/RES/260 (1968) Admission of new Members to the UN: Equatorial Guinea
S/RES/259 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/258 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/257 (1968) Admission of new Members to the UN: Swaziland
S/RES/256 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/255 (1968) Question relating to measures to safeguard non-nuclear-weapon States parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
S/RES/254 (1968) The Cyprus Question
S/RES/253 (1968) Southern Rhodesia
S/RES/252 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/251 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/250 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/249 (1968) The Admission of new Members to the UN: Mauritius
S/RES/248 (1968) Middle East
S/RES/247 (1968) The Cyprus Question
S/RES/246 (1968) West Africa
S/RES/245 (1968) West Africa