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United Nations Security Council

Security Council Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Security Council in 1949
S/RES/78 (1949) Armaments: regulation and reduction
S/RES/77 (1949) Armaments: regulation and reduction
S/RES/76 (1949) Future costs of UN military observers in Indonesia
S/RES/75 (1949) Travelling expenses and subsistence allowances of alternate representatives on certain Security Council commissions
S/RES/74 (1949) Atomic energy: international control
S/RES/73 (1949) The Palestine Question
S/RES/72 (1949) The Palestine Question
S/RES/71 (1949) International Court of Justice
S/RES/70 (1949) Trusteeship of strategic areas
S/RES/69 (1949) Admission of new Members to the UN: Israel
S/RES/68 (1949) Armaments: regulation and reduction
S/RES/67 (1949) The Indonesian Question