Central African Republic


            Statement by the President of the Security Council, Ambassador James B. Cunningham, Acting U.S.

      Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at the Stake-Out, May 31, 2001


      I want to make a brief statement as President of the Security Council.  The first item of business we did today

      was to hear a briefing about the situation in the Central African Republic and the recent unrest there. 


      Council Members deplored the loss of life and the fighting that is taking place and strongly condemned the

      attempted coup d'etat in Bangui.  They urged the perpetrators to give up their endeavor -- which will lead

      nowhere -- and to return to the Constitutional order.


      Members of the Council also expressed the hope that respect for human rights and the spirit of dialogue and

      reconciliation will be preferred by all, in accordance with the achievements of the 1998 National Reconciliation



      Members of the Council invited neighboring countries - African countries that are friends and the international

      community as a whole - to use all of their influence so the path of peace will prevail.  They committed to keep

      the matter under observation in the Council.