Events in the Former Yugoslav Republic of




                    Members of the Security Council strongly condemn the cowardly and brutal

                    attack on Macedonian service personnel on Saturday 28 April which left eight

                    dead and a further six injured.


                    They condemn all violence by ethnic-Albanian armed extremists in the north

                    of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which constitutes a threat to

                    that country and the entire region. They call for an immediate end to all such

                    acts and for full implementation of resolution 1345. There is no place for all

                    those who use violence, espouse extremism, resort to terrorism, create

                    tension, defy international legality and try to oppose democratisation and



                    Members of the Council commend the Macedonian Government for its

                    restraint in the face of recent provocations from groups working against the

                    interests of the wider community. They also commend the steps taken by the

                    Macedonian Government to strengthen its multi-ethnic democracy and foster

                    harmony between its communities, and encourage the citizens and political

                    leaders of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to continue to pursue

                    the path of dialogue.


                    They welcome the statements of Macedonian ethnic-Albanian political leaders

                    and Prime Minister Meta of Albania condemning this attack, and reiterate the

                    call in resolution 1345 on all community and political leaders throughout the

                    region to condemn publicly ethnically motivated attacks and to promote

                    inter-ethnic tolerance.