Members of the Security Council reviewed the situation in Guinea-Bissau. They heard a briefing from the Secretariat and took

note of the report of the Secretary-General (S/2001/237) on the current situation on the country and the activities of the United

Nations Peace-Building Support Office in Guinea-Bissau.


Members of the Council welcomed the ongoing efforts of Bissau-Guinean authorities to form a broad-based and effective

Government and call upon all parties in Guinea-Bissau to cooperate to that end. They also underlined the importance of

continued efforts aimed at consolidating the democratization process and strengthening the present institutional structure.


Members of the Council noted that while the overall situation in the regional border area between Senegal and Guinea-Bissau

remained calm, few clashes between the Forces of Guinea-Bissau and the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance

(MFDC) were reported. In addition, the refugee situation in the border area was an added source of concern. Members of the

Council encouraged the leaders of the two countries to continue their bilateral efforts towards stabilizing the situation along their

common border.


Members of the Council welcomed the signing of a peace agreement in March between the Government of Senegal and the

Movement of Democratic of the Casamance (MFDC) and encouraged them to continue their efforts towards a peaceful



Members of the Council reiterated their call on the international community to continue to assist Guinea-Bissau in its economic

rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts, including through the provision of urgent assistance to enable the Government to meet

the most basic social needs of the population. In this context, members of the Council commended the World Bank and

International Monetary Fund for elaborating a comprehensive debt-reduction package for Guinea-Bissau.


Members of the Council took note of the progress achieved in the implementation of the DDR programme and underlined the

importance of expediting the completion of the census of all military forces.


Members of the Council commended the role played by UNOGBIS and Guinea-Bissau's other international partners in

facilitating peace-building initiatives in Guinea-Bissau.