Members of the Security Council heard a briefing by the Assistant Secretary-General Mr. D.Turk summarizing the latest

political developments and the humanitarian and security situation in Somalia.


Members of the Council strongly condemn the fact of the abduction by militias, belonging to a Somali faction, of the UN

personnel in Mogadishu, as well as the NGO humanitarian staff.


They demand immediate release of the detainees. Members of the Council demand that those responsible must be brought to



Members of the Council call on all Somali armed groups to respect fully the security and safety of all personnel of the United

Nations and other international organizations.


Members of the Council call upon all Somali armed groups to exercise restraint and to put down their weapons and engage in

peaceful dialogue with the Transitional National Government.


Members of the Council note that while the humanitarian situation across Somalia has improved, the vulnerability of the

populations at risk still remains a concern. They expressed their hope that donors will respond generously to the just launched

Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal (CAP) for 2001.


Members of the Council reiterate their support for the outcome of the Arta Peace Conference, leading to the establishment of

the TNG.


Members of the Council call on all States to refrain from any military intervention in the internal situation in Somalia and

emphasize that the territory of Somalia should not be used to undermine the stability in the subregion.