- Council members noted the expectation of large-scale fighting (although the

                    United Front were ready to resume dialogue at any time). This was shocking

                    in context of appalling humanitarian situation and continued displacement of

                    people. A peacefully negotiated political settlement was the only way to a

                    lasting settlement. Council continued to have highest regard for peace efforts

                    of S-G, Francesc Vendrell and others.


                    - They called on all states to abide by resolutions 1267 and 1333.


                    - Members noted that the displacement of persons continued, and was likely

                    to rise further. Called on all States to contribute urgently to the Consolidated

                    Appeal fund. Expressed support for the two pronged approach to the problem

                    of refugees worked out by the UN and Pakistan.


                    - Further work would be done within the Council and the Secretariat on a

                    comprehensive strategy.