Western Sahara



                    - Council members were briefed on the latest situation on Western Sahara on

                    26 April.


                    - Council members expressed general support for the efforts of the UN

                    system, and in particular the Secretary-General and his Personal Envoy, to

                    find a peaceful settlement to the dispute. They are considering the

                    recommendation of the Secretary-General to extend MNURSO's mandate for

                    two months.


                    - Among other issues, in our discussions of the Secretary-General's recent

                    report, all members of the Council expressed considerable concern at the

                    lack of progress in resolving the dispute and in taking forward the

                    humanitarian issues, particularly refugees, POWs and missing persons. We

                    discussed the need for adequate funding for the UNHCR's programme to

                    assist refugees in the camps, especially the most vulnerable group. Council

                    members also found the delay in releasing POWs unacceptable. They urged

                    the parties to liberate all persons still detained in connection with the conflict.

                    This issue was not linked with political considerations and should be resolved



                    (Question: When are you going to come back to the Western Sahara



                    I think delegations will report the resolution to their capitals overnight. And if

                    the draft is generally agreed and is easily resolvable I will take it for adoption

                    in the Council tomorrow morning.