Elements of Press Statement on Burundi


      1. Members of the Council heard a briefing by Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Sir Kieran

      Prendergast, on the situation in Burundi.


      2. Members of the Council reiterated their full support for the continuing efforts of Mr Nelson Mandela

      and the regional initiative. They also reiterated their call on all armed groups that remain outside the

      peace process to cease hostilities and to participate fully in the peace process.


      3. Council members stressed the importance of early implementation of the Arusha Agreement and

      urged all the signatories to Arusha to take concrete steps to expedite its implementation.


      4. In this regard, Council members welcomed the progress made at the meeting in Libreville on 9

      January 2001, and called upon all parties to resume discussions, without further delay, so as to

      reach agreement on a cessation of hostilities.


      5. Members of the Council expressed their hope that the recent developments in the Democratic

      Republic of Congo would not negatively influence the progress made recently in the peace process in

      Burundi, and that the understanding reached between the Government and the CNDD-FDD in

      Libreville would continue to be observed. They encouraged the new government in the DRC to

      continue to pursue the process of rapprochement between the DRC and Burundi, which had been

      initiated by the late President Laurent Kabila.


      6. Members of the Council condemned all acts of violence against the civilian population, in

      particular, the attack of 28 December 2000. Council members called upon all parties, particularly the

      rebel groups, to desist from any further deliberate targeting of the civilian population.


      7. Finally, members of the Council remain deeply concerned at the dire economic, humanitarian and

      social conditions in Burundi, and urged donors to assist the UN and the Burundi Government to meet

      the urgent humanitarian and socio-economic needs of the Burundi population and to deliver on the

      commitments made at the Paris Conference on 11 and 12 December 2000.